COVID-19 LWDH Emergency Fund

Our donors are incredible!
One thing we’ve learned from those areas around the world that have been hardest hit, is preparation is key and we are not taking any chances. You have helped us bring in 2 vents and all 8 patient beds needed to increase the capabilities of LWDH for a worst case scenario. Because of you Lake of the Woods District Hospital is better prepared to operate at its highest capacity.

As we continue in this fight against COVID-19, we know that we can not let our guards down as the threat of this pandemic is still very real.  If we are lucky enough to avoid a surge of patients needing hospital care due to COVID-19, the equipment you helped purchase for worse case scenario will not sit idly by. The new equipment will replace ageing equipment and will be used in every day patient care at your hospital. Whether its pandemic related or not, YOU have helped to save lives in your community!

Life Support Ventilator: $42,500 each

Ventilators keep oxygen flowing through the body by pushing air into the lungs. Having enough ventilators when the surge happens is critical to the successful recovery from COVID-19.  The two new vents will bring LWDH’s count to 8 in addition to two on loan from ORNGE.

Patient Beds: $7500 each x 8

Having enough beds for patients requiring hospitalization is critical to the recovery from COVID-19.  In the future, these extra beds obtained in preparation for the surge will replace older beds that have been in use for several years.

We need your help.  Please support Lake of the Woods District Hospital’s battle against COVID-19 by making your donation TODAY.