With thanks to the commitment of community leaders and supporters, we are excited to share that the new CT Scan is up and running at LWDH!

LWDHF has secured over $1.1 million of the $1.2 million needed has been raised to date (as of November 2018) – we’re almost there!

Thank you for making the new CT a reality at your hospital and inspiring others to help your hospital get this important piece of medical equipment.

The previous CT Scan at LWDH was 13 years old, and replacement parts are no longer manufactured for repairs. This meant that should something go down on the old CT Scan and a replacement part cannot be located, CT Scans would no longer be available at your hospital. Over 4,300 scans were performed at LWDH in 2016. This is an important piece of diagnostic equipment essential to maintaining the quality of care available at LWDH.

The new CT Scan has improved capabilities including the following:

  • Paediatric scanning is now available on site.
  • Improved image quality: 160 slice (thickness of scan) vs current 16 slice. This provides improved diagnostic capabilities with enhanced detail in images.
  • Produces 30 images per second; the improved efficiency offers shorter wait times and more patients scanned.
  • Patients up to 650lbs can be scanned vs the current 350lbs max capacity.
  • Improved radiation dose.

We couldn’t offer 21st century care.  We just couldn’t do it without the CT Scanner.  During regular maintenance, we have backup plans in place so that we don’t lose it for even an hour at a time – it is that essential in our day to day care, especially emergency care.

Dr. Sean Moore

Chief of Emergency Medicine, LWDH