The Philanthro-Bros are back!

Seth and Caleb Marquis are launching their next fundraising campaign for the Forms of Hope fund at LWDH in honour of family and friends: their Gramma Grace Krewaz; friend Laura Loohuizen; and another friend whose father was recently diagnosed.

Seth, Caleb and Maruto (who is an exchange student from Japan staying with the Marquis’) are planning on fundraising in various ways including their colouring books, garage and bake sales (we heard they’ll be making Japanese sugar candies!) – check their Facebook Page to keep in touch with updates on what they’re working on and how you can help them reach their goals!

The boys will dye their hair PINK if you help them reach their fundraising goals:

  • If they reach $1,000 Seth will dye his hair.
  • If they reach $1,500, Caleb will also dye his hair.
  • And, if they reach $2,000, Maruto (who is an exchange student from Japan staying with the Marquis’) will dye his hair, too!

The Forms of Hope is a local fund created in hopes of making the lives of families and individuals in cancer treatment a little easier.  Anyone undergoing cancer treatments at LWDH may apply.  Each recipient is eligibile for up to $500 in after-treatment services and items.

Thank you to the following supporters:

Diane Walker, Thunder Bay, ON – $20
Jeffrey Hawkins, Corbeil, ON – $20
Joy Peterson, Kenora, ON – $75
Collected Pledges in support of Seth and Caleb – $515
Anonymous – $50


Raised to Date