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Leslie Hoffman & Sandi Homeniuk

On behalf of myself and my sister Sandi Homeniuk, we are pleased to present a donation to the Foundation.  This is in memory of our parents, Stella and Alfred Hoffman, both of whom received such excellent care from your staff.  Although our mother died in 1988, I remember how the hospital staff helped her recover earlier from her heart attack and we know she would be happy with this gift.  Our dad passed away in August 2019 and the care and kindness he received won’t be forgotten.
Yours sincerely,
Leslie Hoffman & Sandi Homeniuk

Lyn & Marie Marks

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all the work you do. We appreciate it and are happy to support the LWDHF.

Lyn & Marie Marks

L.C. Johnson

Thank you for the newsletter showing the Foundation fundraising is becoming more successful each year.
As a past employee, Director of Finance, and one of the 1st board members of the Foundation, The the Foundation has more than reached the expectations we had expected.


Kate MacIver

I just saw your post on Facebook about wanting stories about receiving great care from the hospital. I feel compelled to tell you my great story because so often all we hear about is the negative stories.

I was diagnosed on September 10, 2007 with Blasto, after one week of being on Itraconazole pills I was admitted to hospital with an allergic reaction. I was 34 years old and had never been sick or been in a hospital, I spent the next 5 nights on 3rd East receiving wonderful care. I had the best nurses and I wasn’t an easy patient. After leaving the hospital I still needed daily care at the ER for blood work as I was having complications from the medications, the ER staff worked wonders to get me in and out quickly every morning for what would be two weeks following my discharge from hospital.

During those two weeks I still needed my IV medications and Margaret Stevenson and Lynn Mick. were wonderful trying to find me a comfortable place to receive my medication as I had to sleep overnight, one night I spent in the ICU and my nurse was awesome and one night I spent in emerg, I had a nurse come down from ICU to set me up and she was great.

Once I was stabilized I spent the next two months going every 2nd day to the chemotherapy department to receive my medication via IV and on the weekends I went to Emerg. I was starting to feel that my face was becoming familiar to a lot of the staff and that was comforting. The staff in admitting were great every time I came in, I never waited that long, my nurses in chemo were awesome, there are not enough words to say thank you for what they do. During my treatment I had to have the medications every 2nd day and due to chemo not being open on the weekends and there was no day medicine clinic like there is now, I had to have my weekend treatments in emerg. Every weekend the nurses had room 6 ready for me, it helped me to relax and be comfortable, as my treatments were approximately 5 hours long. All of the emerg staff were great, very accomodating. I still to this day can remember 90% of the staff that worked on me and most of their names, when you are that sick, it is the basic compassion that makes you feel human during those times and I am very grateful to all of those people who helped.

I had complete faith in the staff, nurses, and my doctor. A huge thank you to everyone that had a hand in my care and my recovery, Dr Workman, Dr Dana Walters, nurses and staff on 3rd east, emergency nurses and staff, chemotherapy nurses, the staff in the lab, the staff in pharmacy, the staff in x-ray.

Thank you
Kate MacIver

W. Beatty

“I appreciated the care I received in 2009 with my two successful cataract surgeries.

Thank You.”
W. Beatty

‘Aunt Ruth Always Loved Owls’

Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation was honored to received a Robert Bateman painting ‘In the Oak – Great Horned Owl’ donated from the Pollard family in honor of their Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob Neely.

Carl and Dorothy Pollard, along with their children Darryl and Cara-Lee wished to thank the 2nd floor East for the “first class care/service” received for their family members, who were both patients on the unit in 2005. The family decided the donation of this painting of a great horned owl would be a perfect way of saying thank you to the unit and at the same time honoring their Aunt and Uncle. The Ducks Unlimited Collection painting hangs on the wall for the second floor sitting room for all patients and visitors alike to enjoy.

Patty Tittlemeir, Nurse Manager for 2nd floor East stated “It was an honor to look after Mr. and Mrs. Neeley”.


Over the past few years we have used your Emergency Services mostly for Tim’s father, Denver Thorburn. Last August Denver passed in your kind and gentle care.

Just before Christmas I was myself admitted via Helicopter from my Island home.

Everytime we have used the Hospital, we say we should write a thank-you.

Overdue? Yes, but none the less sincere!

For a Hospital that is supposedly understaffed and underfunded, your people are doing an excellent job – way beyond, I am sure, their expected performance.

So, to all of you to whom this town relies upon,

Thank – you.

Tim & Paula Thorburn

Keep Up The Good Work

I visited your Hospital again a few times this summer and I was again very pleasantly impressed how friendly and competent your people are. Therefore, I would like to make another donation to your Foundation. Please keep up the good work.

Greetings from
a good friend – (name withheld at donor’s request)

Claire Noseworthy

I would like to send a heart-felt thank you to all the ambulance crew especially Wade Ganon emergency staff esp. Marg Stevenson. ICU staff esp. Laird Paul. The X-Ray department following my husband’s prompt and kind treatment after his truck accident. We have a facility we can be very proud of. When you go the extra mile, it is sincerely appreciated.Thanks so much

Claire Noseworthy

Bob and Marlene Shannon

For just over 24 wonderful years, we were summer residents on the Winnipeg River in the Jaffray Melick area. We were forced to sell our property in June 2005, due to failing health, and move back to Winnipeg. During our years on the river, my husband was a frequent (if reluctant) visitor to the hospital and in every case was treated with top-notch care and consideration by your compassionate staff.We appreciate the work that you do very much and wish you success in your fundraising endeavours. We hope our contribution helps.

Yours truly,
Bob and Marlene Shannon

Paul Fregeau

I recently had a serious injury in April of 2005 and have made a dramatic recovery due, in no small part, to the treatment received at the Lake of the Woods District Hospital, primarily the Emergency and Radiology departments.I cannot comment highly enough about the medical competence and professionalism shown by the staff at this hospital during my treatment. People in Kenora and the district area are very lucky to have access to such first-rate service and treatment.

Please pass this praise onto the individuals directly involved in my treatment and the hospital staff in general; their services are highly valued and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your worthwhile contributions.

Paul Fregeau

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