We started this initiative so that our fundraising dollars could be focused and our goals clearly defined. We chose to raise money for a vital piece of equipment that the hospital needs. The Wireless Fetal Monitor was a piece of equipment that related to our growing staff and their families. Initiatives like these promote staff involvement and encourage them to be community minded; working together towards a common goal.

Bill Dingwall

President, The Dingwall Group

Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce their partnership with The Dingwall Group(Dingwall Ford, Bayview Toyota & Woodlake Marine) in purchasing a new Wireless Fetal Monitor for your hospital! This piece of equipment is vital in ensuring the safe arrival of a new born and LWDHF is thankful that The Dingwall Group has chosen such an important piece to raise funds for over the next year.

The Wireless Fetal Monitor is $40,000 and The Dingwall Group has successfully completed their goal! Thanks to their commitment, your hospital is now equipped with the new wireless fetal monitor. The wireless capabilities of the monitor will allow for continuous fetal monitoring even when the expectant mom isn’t resting in bed. She can be walking the halls or rocking against a cold sink or doing whatever it is that makes her feel more comfortable during labour all the while knowing that her baby is being monitored.

Thank you Dingwall Group! We are thrilled to be working with you over the next year as you tackle the fundraising world both internally and with the help and support of the community. It’s our hope your pledge will inspire and challenge other businesses in our community to choose a piece of equipment they too can call their own in support of your hospital. Equipment ranges in price from $3000 to $1 million so we have something for everyone’s budget! And ALL are important in continuing to provide quality patient care at your hospital! From Vital Signs Monitors to the CT Scan, you can make a difference! New initiatives are taking shape at your hospital foundation and The Dingwall Group is playing a big part in that! Just imagine what we as a community can do for your hospital!

Jess Rheault

Executive Director, LWDHF

Pictured: (L) Bill Dingwall and (R) Jeff Dingwall

Pictured: (L) Bill Dingwall and (R) Jeff Dingwall

Pictured: (L) Bill Dingwall and (R) Jeff Dingwall