Digital Donor Wall at LWDH

The Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation is excited to finally unveil its new Digital Donor Wall, located in the Lake of the Woods District Hospital‘s (LWDH) Main Lobby. The new donor wall replaces the hospital’s printed recognition wall that was previously located in the hallway entering Diagnostic Imaging.

This new Digital Donor Wall is a sustainable and dynamic way to recognize and celebrate the impact of our donors. The wall reflects cumulative lifetime giving greater than $5,000 (since 1993) and spotlight appeal’s, such as the ‘Comfort Club’. The wall showcases donors and highlights the Foundation’s current fundraising activities and ways the community can get involved.

We want to decorate this building in part with the names of the people whose donations have touched thousands of lives by funding new medical equipment and technology in all areas at LWDH. Each donor listed on our recognition wall has played a distinct role in keeping exceptional care, close to home.